Things That Are Only Interesting To Me.

You probably don’t care.  You probably could be doing a million other things.  You’re probably wondering why in the world I would think of telling you these silly little insignificant things.  But I choose to think that you’re thinking, “I am soooo interested in Kate’s life.  This is exactly the blog I was searching for.”  Welcome to my randoms.

1.  Tom’s new thing is sticking his tongue out.  Which then forces me to stick my tongue out.  Which makes Huck think that’s the perfect time to lick my tongue.  The most unromantic of French kisses are happening at my house.  It may or may not have happened more than once.  Maybe four times.  In one day.

2.  Tom had another huge diaper blowout with Kevin yesterday morning.  During our morning phone call, I asked him if he put the clothes on the deck again.  He said no.  “Where did you put them?”  A trash bag.  In Tom’s room.  For me to deal with when I got home.  Unromantic kisses and gifts…

3.  I continue to be crazed about the number of pins, tags, cardboard and tissue paper that come when you buy a man shirt.  Like…what the heck is the deal there?  I think at least $5 of what I’m paying for the shirt is garbage.

4.  I mentioned this on Twitter, but I’m seriously loving the new LL Bean commercial.

5.  I’m loving my Twitter account.

6.  Even though I only follow about 5 actual people and the rest of them are reality stars.

7.  From The Bachelor.

8.  I’ve been smelling some Fall weather.  It makes me so happy I jump and squeak just thinking about it.

9.  I just realized I’m writing this like The Pioneer Woman writes some of her blog entries.  I’m a total thief.

10. Most of the time I don’t mind Kelly Ripa.  That is not the case today.

11. I hardly ever eat leftovers.  Ever.  I’m scared it has gone bad.  Even if it’s been a day, I just know it won’t taste as good as it did originally so I don’t want it.  My fridge is a leftover halfway house.  On the way to trash.

12.  I’m only feeding Tom organic food.  I think all food should be organic and I don’t understand why it isn’t.

13.  I don’t think animals should be kept in captivity but I still go to the aquarium and the zoo.  I find this difficult.

14.  I really, really want a dress that I don’t need.

15.  Whenever we’re playing with Tom’s squirt toys in the bath, he opens his mouth.  That child is always hungry.

16.  This week I’ve been overwhelmed with the support given to me by my friends.  I’m so lucky.

17.  I really hate filling in at work as the manager in the manager meetings.  I think it’s the worst thing ever.

18.  I have two picnic baskets I’ve never used.  They look cool, though.

19.  Kevin thinks wreaths are the dumbest of inventions.  I kind of agree with him.  But I still change mine out for every season.

20.  When Huck gets mad at Tom for touching him too hard, he aggressively licks him.  I think that is funny and wise.

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