Bits Of My Weekend: Volume 9.

You guys.  It. Is. Fall.  Not officially, but still — it felt like it!  We played outside all weekend.  It was awesome.

Tom really, really loves the fish his Grandma bought him.  Really he does.  This is him hugging it.  I’m still working on getting him to hug me.

It was this little guy’s 2nd adopted birthday!  Two years ago Saturday, we adopted Huckleberry Phinneus.  He got steak and lots of walks.  And then he got really, really exhausted.

Tom got cuter.

I left them for one minute.  One!  And came back to Kev squirting Tom in the face.  Which Tom loved.

Tom likes hikes!  And his backpack.


Ahhh…love the outdoors!

Tom fell asleep.  But kept waking up every minute or so when his head bobbed.  Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I pushed Tom around in this.  And made a Choo Choo noise.  He is officially Thomas the Train.  With a roll of paper towels thrown in for kicks.

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