Bits Of My Weekend: Volume 11.

We had big plans this weekend that I was tremendously excited about.  Namely, going to the 1st birthday party for the daughter of one of my very best friends.  Tom was going to party!  I was going to introduce Tom to my friend’s entire family!  It was going to be awesome!!

But instead we spent the weekend constantly wiping a little boy’s nose.  Trying to keep a little boy — who apparently moans when not feeling well — feeling well.  Helping him fall asleep even though he would have coughing fits.  Yes folks, this weekend was the first weekend that Tom had a cold bad enough that we had to stay home.  So this bits post will be all Tom, all the time.  Which really doesn’t make it much different from my other posts.

Tom stuck his tongue out at sickness.  I think he’s trying to catch snot before I wipe it.  Note to world:  Tom thinks having his nose wiped is the Worst. Thing. Ever.  Apparently, instead of using time out when he’s older, I should wipe his nose as punishment.

I took him outside to play in the hopes the fresh air would help.

But instead, it just made him really, really hot and sweaty.  Seriously, fall.  Get here.

Tom got cuter.

And he learned how to dump all his toys out of his basket.

Mimi came over to watch Tom while Kevin and I attended a baptism class.  We’re getting schooled.  It’s scary.

Tom didn’t want to party. He wanted to share his wetness with his mom’s sleeve.  Cute little snuggler.

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