Teeth Or PMS?

For the past couple of days Tom hasn’t always been…nice.

He has started screaming at me.

Apparently he thinks his mother trying to give him a fresh, clean diaper is horrible.  And he tells me by a short, sudden burst of “Ahhhhh!!!!”

For the first time, I’ve found myself saying, “Tom. That’s not nice.  No.”  And then I make a sad face to further prove my point.

Sometimes he makes a sad face back.

Which makes me make a happy face.

(Can’t help it.  He’s cute when he makes sad face.)

This week marks the first week that he is Totally. Over. his changing table.  He used to love it.  It used to be his favorite place.  And now, he HATES IT!!!  He squirms, he cries, he kicks.  He tries to beat up the changing table.

Usually the changing table wins.

And a couple of times, we’ve been playing together and he’s just suddenly burst into tears.  And then he’s just as suddenly stopped.

My sweet little innocent boy has been irritable, quick-tempered, fussy and quite emotional.

As a seasoned mother of this child (ha ha ha) I have it narrowed down to two possibilities…

Either he’s getting another tooth or it’s PMS.

It’s definitely one of those.

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