Bits: Facebook Edition.

This Bits Of My Weekend blog brought to you by Facebook and old photos I had saved on my computer — because this is what happens when my camera battery dies, then I forget to charge it, then I leave it at home, then I don’t upload the two photos I actually did take.  So…this blog is totally pieced together with photos I’ve stolen from other people.  And I didn’t even ask permission.  Hope I don’t get sued.

I met Robyn for a pasta dinner so she could have carbs in preparation for the mud run she was participating in the next day, and so I could have carbs in preparation for being me. We were totally dressed like this, too.

She doesn’t look like she just ate a bunch of pasta, does she?  (I stole this pic from Mel. Thanks!)

Remember last week when I said I couldn’t go to the 1st birthday party for the daughter of one of my best friends because of sickness?  This is him.  His name is Tony and we’ve been best friends since high school.  This pic was not taken in high school, though.  I couldn’t do that to us.

He’s so cool, he brought his daughter out to see us this weekend!  Isn’t that nice?  Tom loved her.  Especially her hair.  And her toes.  Which he tried to suck.  (This pic stolen from his wife, Julie-Ann. Thanks!)

Tom got cuter.  (My friend Sabrina took this!)

Tom hung out with his cousins.  LOVED them!

…And his aunt and uncle. (Stolen from Amy.  Thanks!)

…And his grandparents.

Cause we like the kids to dress casual, the aunt and uncle to dress up and the grandparents to get in the Christmas spirit starting in September.

You’re welcome, everyone.

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