New Toy Fail.

Tom has some toys.

It actually feels like a lot of toys, but I don’t want to say he has a lot of toys now because I know throughout the course of his life he will have even more toys than this and then what would I say?

I guess I could say “a lot more toys.”

But I’m saving my “a lot of toys” speech for later.  You be waiting for it.

In the meantime, he has some toys.

This week I remembered we had been keeping a couple of toys in his toy chest in his room.  He was too little when we received them, so I just hid them in there and there they have waited to be rescued.

One of the toys is a truck.

A truck that you can manually rev and then it will go on its own.

So I was proud that I remembered the toys were even in there and I was excited that Tom got to use them and I was happily thinking how great this idea was because a new toy would occupy him for at least 30 minutes and it would be awesome.



I mean, you do see why I thought it’d be great?

Instead, there was a standoff.

It was Huckle dog versus cute tiny truck.

I don’t know how they got off on the wrong foot, but it happened.  For some reason, truck’s existence on the planet really pisses Huck off.

So Huck completely blessed out cute little truck.

Poor little truck.

I finally let him out of the toy chest and the first thing that happened was he got a worded beat down by a crazy animal.

You know who else was none too pleased about this crazy dog truck fight?

This guy.

All in all, I think we can all agree that I am an awesome mother who totally knows what will make her children happy.

I’m so glad I had the camera ready to capture my cleverness.

You can use this as proof when you nominate me for Mother of the Year.

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