Bits: Medieval Times Edition.

Bits back by popular demand.  By “popular” I mean my sister is the only one who noticed I didn’t do it last week.

It was Kev’s 10-10-10 birthday weekend!  So we celebrated by going to dinner at a totally normal place.

And we made Kenon and Joy come with us.

And Candice and Lucas.  Lucas will not take off his ball cap for nothing.

Did you know that medieval vegetarians get to use silverware?  Totally true.

Uh…Kev had an okay time.

Not sure…

I think Kevin stole some kid’s hat so he could have two.

While we were eating with our hands and cheering on our (loser) knight, my sister locked my kids and her kid in my backyard.

Sunday was Kevin’s big day.  Tom helped him blow out the candles on his “cake” which is brownies.

Tom finally wasn’t too embarrassed to wear his Georgia Bulldogs cap.  Go Dawgs!

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