Getting Braver.

He’s totally scary isn’t he?

Those teeth!

Those eyes!

That occasionally very loud screeching voice!

Yeah, this little cutie pie has had me completely intimidated when it comes to going out in public.

Toward the end of my pregnancy, I had friends ask me if I was nervous about labor and delivery.

I told them the truth:  No.  But I’m completely scared of taking a baby to the grocery store.

I think maybe some of my friends thought I would get over it because surely I’d be suffering from cabin fever and I’d want to take him with me to run errands.

That didn’t happen.

I just knew I’d have a huge cart full of groceries and he’d have a huge blowout diaper while spitting up and screaming at the top of his lungs.  I just knew it!

So I’ve successfully avoided taking him with me to the grocery store.  One reason is because now Kevin takes Tom to the grocery store.  I think of it as their guy bonding time.  They both like food, so it’s perfect.

But my fear of babies + grocery stores has bled over a bit into other things.

Like brunch.  Dinners out.  Hobby Lobby.

All places I could possibly be trapped with a baby who may lose it at any moment.  He’s a ticking time bomb, people!

And although I think he is a good baby (What do I know?  I have no point of reference on this.) I just always imagine the worst case scenario.  I just know that while it’s taking the Hobby Lobby checkout girl the 10 minutes required to type in every single scan code of the many items I’ve bought, Tom will freak out.

But now Tom is 8 months old.

And we know each other a little better.

And he respects me a little bit more.

(Hahahahaha!  Just seeing if you were paying attention.)

Point being:  I’m getting braver.

I’ve taken Tom to Hobby Lobby.

We took Tom to his first brunch on Sunday and he was a dream.

I’ve been to dinner with the little booger.  I held him the entire time and didn’t eat, but he was there.

And I’ve run into a grocery store with Tom on my hip.  Super quick.  Blink and you’d miss me.  Doesn’t matter, though, because…

I did it!!

I think the main difference between now and then is that I’m becoming more confident as a mother.

I know there will be times when he actually does freak out.  And I know when that happens, it’ll suck.

But I think I’m finally getting to the point that when that happens, I’ll know better what to do.

I’m a better Tom troubleshooter.

Plus, I’ve got a lot to do.

I mean, I could do without the food — but not even my scary boy can keep me away from crafts and half-off picture frames.

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