Bits: Best Weekend Ever Edition.

I have 118 photos from the weekend.  I will try to narrow it down for you.

We paid $1 to see the huge steer at the Georgia National Fair.  Worth it.

Tom saw kangaroos for the first time.

And they saw Tom.  Although they seem unfazed.

He liked the goats.

A lot.

Looking at a giraffe.


The next day…

We went to the Mossy Creek Barnyard Festival.

Where crafters gather in the woods.  The man in the lower right of the photo makes knobbits.  He was born to make knobbits.

We ran into my friend Nikki and Tom was happy to see her corn…I mean, her.

Hanging with Grandma.

Watching the cloggers with my fam, which includes my BFF Hillary, her mom, and her baby Dylan.

Tom convinced my mom to buy him this chair.

Fun weekends are exhausting.

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