Bits: Slacker Edition.

This weekend I put the finishing touches on Tom’s Halloween costume.  I made a tutu for my niece’s Halloween costume.  I visited a friend I haven’t seen in 15 years and met her adorable little boy.  I had brunch with my in-laws.  I went to the park.  Kevin made some wonderful chili.  And I took great walks with my family.

Did I take pictures of any of those things?


Even though I know I do a “Bits of My Weekend” blog — I didn’t.  Not one.  Nothing.

Around 4 p.m. on Sunday I realized my error and I decided to take a picture of Tom playing in the leaves and wearing his big boy jeans.  But Tom is getting four top teeth at once and therefore, he really loves his mama.  So when I snuck out there to take a picture, this is what happened:

Apparently crawling on sticks and leaves is painful.

Surprisingly so.

But he was determined.

And would not be stopped.

Until he reached his destination.

The end.

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