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My New Job.

As with any new job, the first day is the most intimidating day ever. I had been dreading this first day since I told my bosses I wanted to stay-at-home with Tom for a while. It was scary to me. … Continue reading

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Bits: Thanksgiving Weekend.

It was Thanksgiving!  And since my official last day as a full-time TV news writer was Wednesday — that means for the first time in 11 years, I had Thanksgiving day, the day after and the entire weekend off.  Four. … Continue reading

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Swing, Swing.

Me:  Kevin, can you find a good tree branch to hang this baby swing? Kev:  Sure! I go inside and return 10 minutes later. To this… Me:  That’s not exactly what I was picturing. Kev:  Tom requested it.

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I Love My Husband Always. But…

…It’s harder on trips. So we’ve either been going out of town or I’ve been sick for the past three weeks.  Or I’ve been sick while we’ve been out of town, which was the case this weekend.  I’m wrapping up … Continue reading

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Bits: Baptism Edition.

Aunt Amy, Reese and Laney were there!  Poor Laney was terribly sick, so I didn’t get many photos of them, but they were troopers and came anyway.  Poor baby! Matilda and her Cheerios were also there. Being Baptized. Yay!  No … Continue reading

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I Don’t Have Favorites.

I am a mother to two boys. Huck and Tom. And as most parents will tell you, I don’t have a favorite. (Except sometimes at night.) Favorite. Mmmm… Favorite. Mmmm… Favorite. Ahhh… See? I totally don’t have a favorite.

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Turning My Back For A Second.

Tom can now pull himself up to standing position pretty quickly. I feel like he went from crawling to this new phase in the blink of an eye. This newfound standing means that I have entered phase 2 of baby … Continue reading

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(Almost) Wordless: Gardening.

He wants to be like his PawPaw. (In a gardening sense.  My dad is not dirty.)

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I Think I’m Pregnant But I’m Not.

I am not pregnant. I swear. When I actually was pregnant, I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was 9 weeks along.  And then I only realized it because my sister told me. (Thank God for those little sisters.  … Continue reading

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Bits: Shoe Basket Edition.

This weekend I went to six stores looking for a Baptismal outfit for Tom (I failed), Tom hung out with his grandpa, I made a coffee cake, we did some Christmas shopping and Kevin did laundry.  But I didn’t take … Continue reading

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