The Difference Between Moms And Dads.

I cannot write about the differences between all moms and dads.  Well I could, but it would be wrong.  But I can tell you all about the differences between Kevin and I as a mom and dad.

The main difference being — our response to crying.

Tom’s, not ours.  We try not to cry too much as a general rule.

This morning was a perfect example.

At 4:30 a.m., Tom woke up and began crying.

Kevin’s response went something like this:

–Get up at a leisurely pace.  Pet the dog.  Stretch.

–Walk slowly to the kitchen.

–Grab a M&M.

–Turn on water.  Let it warm up.  Fill bottle.

–Slowly put the formula in bottle.

–Shake it, shake, shake, shake, Shake it.

–Answer calmly, “Nah,” when wife says, “Do you want me to get Tom?! He’s crying!”

–Put bottle down in living room.

–Go into Tom’s room – where the crying baby is now screaming.

–Pick Tom up.  Put him on changing table.

–Change him as. slowly. as. possible.  (Tom. Still. Crying!)

–Pick him up. Take crying baby into living room.

–While baby continues to scream, adjust the blanket for yourself. Grab a remote control in case you want to watch a documentary on World War II.

**This is where the Mom couldn’t take it so she gave Tom his bottle before running out the door to work.**

Now, here’s what my response is when Tom wakes up crying:

–Go immediately into Tom’s room, pick him up.

–Change him as fast as possible.  Like, I think I could win awards.

–Carry him with me as I make him a bottle.

–Sit down on the couch all cuddled and give him his bottle.

–Look lovingly at my child while he eats.  No wars.

If you know Kevin and I in real life, then you know that the differences to our responses are typical.  Kevin is patient.  He’s cool.  He’s laid back.  He’s…so SLOW!

I’m on fast forward.

My baby’s cries make me want to die.  Kevin acts like he’s listening to music.

Kevin is teaching our child patience.

And I am teaching him impatience.

Some may think our child will grow up and be completely confused.  But I like to think of it as giving our child options.  The best of both worlds, if you will.

Choose wisely, Tom.

One way gets the crying to stop.  But the other way gets you a M&M.

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1 Response to The Difference Between Moms And Dads.

  1. Melissa says:

    HA! I swear I was reading what happens when Ben cries in the middle of the night. After a couple of minutes I usually get up and rush to Ben because his cries are like nails on chalkboard to me.
    In all honesty I think our personalities must be similar. Me- not patient. Craig- a lot more patient than I. I guess we will see which one the boys pick up. 😉

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