Slowly Eating Goldfish Slowly.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I felt like my child was weird because he loved his fruits and veggies but I couldn’t get him to eat a Cheerio.

Or one of those Apple Cinnamon puffs they make for babies to munch on.

And you must know that when I say “I couldn’t get him to eat” I mean “When I put one in his mouth he gagged and threw up.”

Good morning!  You were awake, right?

So imagine my surprise when last weekend, Tom ate a goldfish cracker.

I believe it had something to do with…

…Seeing his cousin Matilda, eating up her snacks.

Side note:  Have you ever tried those “yogurt melt” thingys?  Sick!  I tried one “accidentally” because I thought they smelled good.  No.  They taste like puke.  (Good morning, again!)

So I think seeing Matilda eating, not gagging, not puking and smiling made Tom think maybe he should put all these new teeth he’s been growing to use.

He carefully placed a goldfish cracker in his mouth.

Very, very, very, very carefully.

And then he backed it out of his mouth.  “Maybe it’s too soon for this,” he said.  (So smart, my kid.)

No, no — he decided he was ready.  But he thought maybe he should taste his fingers first and then decide if he wants to leave anything in there.

After 10. Long. Minutes…He had crunched up his first goldfish cracker with his teeth.

I gave him tons of praise.

“Yay!  You ate a goldfish!  I’m so proud of you!”

Add that to the list of sentences I never thought I’d say.


Some of it he swallowed.  Some he spit out.

But as soon as he decided he’s accomplished the goldfish, he decided to move on to yogurt melts.


Everyday since, I’ve placed his assorted snacks on his tray and let him have at it.

Usually, after 30 minutes, Tom has “eaten” 2 goldfish crackers, 3 apple cinnamon puffs and 2 yogurt melts.

And everyday after he’s done “eating” I brush off all the bits that have fallen in his seat onto the floor.

And everyday Huck eats the remnants of 2 goldfish crackers, 3 apple cinnamon puffs and 2 yogurt melts.

And everyday I eat my weight in goldfish crackers while “helping” Tom by showing him how to shove 10 goldfish in his mouth at once.

And all because Matilda is a show off.

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