Bits: Georgia Mountains Edition.

This weekend we went to Amicalola State Park in the north Georgia mountains.  I am posting my bits a day late because the north Georgia mountains gave me some kind of terrible virus.  Boo.  But the weekend was super fun.  Swear.

It snowed!!!  No really. northerners — this is SO awesome for us.

Leaves were changing.

Tom thought his uncle Adam was hilarious.

I let Tom play with food.

Matilda posing with the mountains.

Posing with my baby.



Rachel and Matilda.

We visited a pumpkin patch.  Which Tom slept through.

Matilda-sized pumpkin.

Adam taking the pumpkin patch WAY too seriously.

Me too.

Matilda looking at the waterfall.

Tom “looking” at the waterfall.  I’m not completely convinced he could see it…but let’s pretend he could.

Adam loves the mountains.

We played the game “Life” where I was a “journalist” who got married and had one child — a son.  Sound familiar?   Also, my husband was a spaghetti noodle.  So…maybe not completely accurate.

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