Sick Mama.

After we got back from the north Georgia mountains on Sunday night, I threw up.  I know this may be strange to you, but I actually throw up at the drop of a hat so this didn’t seem completely strange to me.  It actually didn’t occur to me that I would be…sick.  I explained it away as being any number of things.  None of them sick.

But then I got sick again.  And again.  And again.

And even thought I’m a weird person, I’m not that weird.

So I secluded myself in our downstairs bedroom where I could moan and complain in peace.

And then my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. so I could go to work.

So I did.

Because I thought that surely whatever weird bug I’d gotten would be over and done by then.  Right?


So I got sick at work.  I did the bare minimum I could get away with and drove home after an hour.

When I arrived home that morning, by little button of a cute baby saw me and held out his arms and cried for me.

And I had to walk away.


As if being the sickest I have ever been in recent memory wasn’t bad enough, as if thinking that there was no way I could make the drive home, then I came home to my sweet baby wanting his mama and I had to LEAVE.

I just bawled.

I sobbed.

(I’m thinking maybe the sickness contributed to this outpouring of tears.  Right?)

I wanted to hold my baby and cuddle with him and see him and I couldn’t because I was infectious.

And so I stayed in my downstairs sick cave all day.

Tom went to daycare like normal, and then Kev picked him up from daycare and they did his afternoon/nighttime routine — my routine — without me.

I slept through it all.

That was the longest amount of time I’ve been without Tom.  And it was awful for me.  Maybe moreso because I was in the house, but just couldn’t be with them.

So yesterday, I actually picked Tom up from daycare.  The first time I’d seen him in 30 hours (if you count the time I had to walk away.)  I hadn’t been sick since Monday morning so I thought I’d be safe for him.

And it was great.

Like running across a field of flowers — reunited with Tom!

We took it easy yesterday afternoon.  We watched some Barney together.  And played a little.  And then we took his bath and I put him to bed.

Being sick is the worst.  Being sick when you have a cute baby is even worse than that.

Being able to finally hug your little one is awesome.

Although, no kisses.


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