Doing OK At A Million Things.

So…I’ve been a bit of a downer this week.

We got back from a weekend trip, which was awesome, but that very night I came down with a flu-like virus, which was not awesome.

So I was just totally out of commission for an entire two days.

And as any parent could probably attest to, being out of commission for two days is like five days in laundry years.

And I missed work.  Which is really lame considering I’m weeks away from my last day.

And Tom is being baptized in a couple weeks.  This requires some work on my part considering I’ve got families coming in from out of town to attend. Nothing major, just figuring out where people are staying, what the plans are, directions, final head counts, etc.  I’ve got help, but still…I’m way, way behind.

And don’t even mention Christmas to me.  It gives me a panic attack.  I’ll get to Christmas when I’m done with everything on my list.  Seriously, it’s last.  Because it’s in December and I’ve got to deal with this month first.

Oh, and then Kevin got my virus.

I feel spread really, really thin.

I feel like I’m running a mile a minute.

I feel like I’m doing so much.

And it totally doesn’t look like that.

I’ve done a little bit of everything.  Just enough to take up time, but not enough to cross it off my list.

I love crossing things off of lists.

It’s my fav!

I just feel like this week I’m about five steps behind every, single thing.  And it’s exhausting!

I just don’t want anyone to ask me what I did today.

I have no idea.  But it was a lot.

I swear.

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