Wii Give Him Choices.

Tom has started pulling himself up to standing position.

Just as soon as he was able to crawl, it seems, he immediately decided crawling was not enough and standing would be better.

I was super impressed with his new skill, as well.

And then I realized the only reason he was doing it was so he could change the channel.

He is such a boy.

Already a remote hog.

Apparently Tom doesn’t want to watch old episodes of The Hills on Netflix Instant Watch.

He wants to watch Barney.

Or torture scenes on Battlestar Gallactica.

He pulls himself up on the coffee table, grabs the Wii remote and then immediately starts waving it around while watching the TV change a million different times.

I tell him that he should really just pick a show and watch it.

But he says, “This is how Dad does it.”

Of course.

Every now and then, after he’s changed the show about 27 times and he’s landed on something I don’t deem okay for a 9-month-old (For the record, I only deem Barney and old episodes of The Office okay) I turn it off.

To which Tom just says, “Whatevs.”

He’s still not giving up the remote.



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