Game Fail.

Sometimes, I make up games for my little one.

Usually the games involve some household item that he has grabbed.  He loves household items about a bazillion times more than any of his actual toys — so that’s why we play “turn the light on and off” more than we play “drive your car.”

Do you like the clever titles I come up with for these games?

Thought so.

Yesterday, Tom grabbed an empty water bottle that had been making a home for itself under a table in my office.

So being the creative and awesome mom I am (of course!) I created a game for Tom and I to play.

I would crinkle it.

Tom would laugh.

I would spin it around in circles on the floor.

Tom would laugh.

When it stopped spinning and pointed at one of us, I would point to the person and say their name.

Tom would laugh.

And then I would kiss Tom.


I played spin the bottle with my son.

Please don’t tell.

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1 Response to Game Fail.

  1. waymel says:

    I’m looking at your twitter feed over there…girl…the dirty sock stash. What is it with grown men not being able to find laundry baskets? I feel your pain. I really do.

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