Bits: Hometown Visit Edition.

This weekend I went to my hometown to visit my busy parents and make my childhood friends hang out with me. It was awesome.

Tom was thrilled my parents have their TV low enough for him to make out with.

Here is Tom playing Chopin by ear.  I think my staying at home with him is really paying off.

I met three of these girls when I was 7 and the other two when I was 13.  When I say “Best Friends Forever!” I mean it.

My mom smacked Tom around with a pillow.  He thinks pillow beatings are delightful.

Kevin and Huck don’t look like they’re having as much fun as the rest of us…

My mom fed Tom pancake.  It was love at first bite.

I drove through the DRIVING snow to get back home on Sunday.  See that snow?  No?  Well, it’s there.  I’m lucky I wasn’t snowed in on an interstate or something.

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  1. earthymind says:

    i like the feel of your blog…esp the header!love it!

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