Bits: Christmas Edition.

We celebrated Christmas this past weekend!  Which for you, dear blog reader, means that I took 468 pictures.  Which I narrowed down to just over 250.  But for this blog, I’m posting 13 of my very most favoritist.  See, I’m still in the Christmas spirit.  You can tell, because I’m using made up words with -ist at the end.  So annoying.

I will try hard to become more normal by tomorrow.


We celebrated with my family in my hometown along with my sister’s fam.  This is my niece, Matilda, “reading” with Tom.  Cuteness overload, right?  Wait. There’s more.

Stockings!  There were a lot this year.  Because we’ve multiplied.  And our dogs get stockings.  Yes, we’re those people.

I put a cute hat on Matilda, who thought it would work much better as a scary face mask. She’s so right.

My parents showing the kiddos the birds they have in their house.  Tom was first 1) Freaked  2) Nervous  3) Excited  4) LOVING the birds, and finally 5) Wanting to constantly bang on their cage to make the poor things fly like maniacs.  The birds DO NOT like Christmas with the kiddos.

As you probably already suspected, I am extremely fashionable.

Cutest boys ever.

This is the first gift Tom opened on Christmas morning.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t his.

Kev and Tom inspecting the toys Santa brought.

Our standard Christmas morning shot.  We love pictures of us when we just woke up and look AWESOME!

Kevin drinks coffee in dainty cups.

Matching PJs alert!

Tom, are you tired?  I can’t tell.

And we returned home to snow.  In Atlanta.  Christmas miracle!

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3 Responses to Bits: Christmas Edition.

  1. Kaye Smith says:

    I love your blog — you make me laugh. Hoping to see Kyle, Amy and their family today at Aunt Betty’s. Wishing you a happy and blessed new year. That little Tom is s-o-o-o cute. Of course you already know that!!


  2. Jen says:

    YAY!! Merry Christmas(ist)!!

  3. robyn says:

    oh my gosh I am overwhelmed with the cuteness. But not so overwhelmed that I can’t make numbered comments.

    1. I love Matilda in the hat, and also in the background it looks like Tom does think it’s scary!

    2. I really really had to stop myself from buying those very same striped socks at Target. I mean, I looked at them for a loooong time.

    3. Apparently when you wake up on Christmas morning you are not only super cute, but 12.

    4. Why did you make Tom ride that turtle thing until he passed out? Slave drivers! (Also, good training if Tom is going to be a crossfitter. Smart thinking.)

    5. Snow on Christmas in Atlanta — Awesome! Ice on your car at the airport when you are already freakin freezing and tired — Not Awesome!

    6. We should get together in person very soon. Maybe when life returns to “normal” next week?

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