Bedtime Routines.

As with most things, Kevin and I have slightly different approaches when it comes to Tom’s bedtime routine.  I like it to be a soothing, sweet process free of tears.

And Kevin?


He gets it done in his own way.

And I am trying to learn that his way is okay — if not a little juicy.

Here is the bedtime routine between Tom and I…

I give him a bath.  We play.  I blow bubbles.  He giggles.

After the bath, I gather him in a big towel and snuggle him close and take him to his room.

I warm some lotion in my hands before lathering him up.

I put on his pajamas as quickly as possible and try to entertain him so he doesn’t get too mad.

We read a story.

I make him a bottle and hand him off to Kevin.

While Kevin feeds Tom, I make sure Tom’s room is ready.

Tom goes to sleep.

Here is the bedtime routine between Kevin and Tom…

Kevin gives Tom a bath.  There is lots of playing, screaming, splashing and water squirting.  In the face.  Tom laughs hysterically.

Kevin gets him out of the tub, lets him dangle/drip dry for a minute, wraps him in a towel.

Kevin squirts tons of cold lotion on Tom’s belly and smears it all over.

Tom drowns in lotion.

I come in and use the towel to remove some of the lotion.

Kevin tries to get Tom’s pajamas on and can’t figure out why it’s so hard.

I say, “His shirt is on backwards.”

Kevin says, “The buttons don’t go in the front?”

I say, “No.”

Tom crawls around naked for a while while Kevin figures out the pajama situation.

Kevin puts on Tom’s pajamas a little bit at a time because Tom is a maniac and is crawling around like it’s his last chance to play with his toys ever.

I read Tom a story.

Kevin makes a bottle.

While Kevin feeds Tom, I make sure Tom’s room is ready.

Tom goes to sleep.

So you see?  The end result is the same.

But my way includes a lot less lotion.

And Kevin’s way includes a lot more excitement.

I think Kevin is the DisneyWorld of bedtime routines.

I’m working on getting him a T-shirt that says that.

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1 Response to Bedtime Routines.

  1. Melanie says:

    Dads are like that. Wayne STILL does that with our girls….well, adjusted for what 7 and 4 year olds do at bedtime, but with all the hyperness and tickling and wild play. I still get exasperated at him for it. I tuck them in gently, speak softly, a kiss and an “I love you, sleep tight.” Wayne leaps on the bed, brings both dogs, tickles and laughs uproariously as he wrestles with child and dog, squeezing the last bit of fun out of the day. Really, though, I suppose we should be thankful for husbands who are actively involved in their kids’ bedtime routines. Even though our way is better. 🙂

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