2010, I Love You.

There have been some New Year’s Eves when I have been excited and supremely happy to see the year end.  I have counted down to the new year with gusto.  I have started counting when it was 30 seconds out because I was so excited.  And maybe a teensy bit tipsy.

(Yes, I’m talking about you 2004.)

But this year will not be like that.

For one thing, I don’t really plan on staying up.

I know!

And for another, I kind of loved 2010.

I fell in love in 2010.

With little Tom.

No matter what had happened to me this year, it would’ve always been the year of the Tom for me.

I am a very lucky girl.

I have an awesome family.  I have wonderful friends.  My husband is one of the best human beings on the planet.  And all of those things have always made the past years pretty dang good.

But 2010 — well, it was the best.

I’ve never been happier, I’ve never laughed more.  I’ve never loved my husband as much.

I’ve also never been so tired, overwhelmed and scared — but I had a lot of people reassure and comfort me during those times.

In 2010, I became someone I wasn’t ever really sure I wanted to be.

A mom.

And it has been THE best year of my life.

And the fact that I continue to be surrounded by my awesome family, my wonderful friends and a husband who is one of the best human beings on the planet just makes me one of those sickeningly lucky people.

(Sorry about that.)


I am excited about 2011 and all that the new year will bring, but I will always, always be thankful for 2010.

2010, I love you.  Very, very much.



Before 2010, this photo would've been just legs.

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1 Response to 2010, I Love You.

  1. robyn says:

    Happy New Year! I love the photo caption.

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