Bits: New Toys Edition.

This weekend, Tom really began playing with all of his new toys.

Apparently it took him about a week of studying them to decide what he would like to do with them.

What would he like to do with them, you ask?

LOVE them.

Crash them.

Beat his mom with them.

No really, I have bruises.

Although one of the bruises is Huck’s fault.

Also because he was playing with his new toy and got a little overzealous.

Next Christmas I’m asking for protective gear.

Figuring out his “gumball machine.”  He loves this gift from his Daddy.  Mainly because the balls seem to have a mind of their own and roll everywhere.

This is Tom crashing driving his huge truck into Huck’s bed.  Which Huck loves.

Little boy and his little car.

Know what else Tom loves?  Huck’s toys.  Know what else Huck loves?  Tom’s toys.

And now for a real love story.

On Thursday, I met my sister at Ikea.

While there, Tom grabbed a huge stuffed elephant out of a bin and wouldn’t let it go.

Other customers thought I was just pushing around a stuffed elephant in a stroller, because it completely covered Tom.

So even though we had just had Christmas, I bought Tom the elephant.

In my defense, the elephant is officially from his great-grandmother Gigi who sent us money to buy him a gift!

(Kate Fact #327: I can rationalize anything.)

I even made up a song about the elephant — which Tom thinks is great.

In the opinion of children who are too young to understand words, I am a great songwriter.

“He’s big and gray!  He likes to play!”


In closing, Tom loves it.

I mean L-O-V-E-S LOVES it.

(Thanks Gigi!)

So happy together.

Leaning up against his pal.

I wanna be like you…

Because I love you.

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2 Responses to Bits: New Toys Edition.

  1. Kaye Smith says:

    Oh, so cute. I hope we get to see him before he starts dating:)


  2. Robyn says:

    awwwwww he so does love it – I would have purchased it too. No rationalization needed. Also…. he is pushing that car with his left hand! Hmmmmmm….

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