Hard For A Huckle.

My decision to stay at home with Tom has been incredibly hard on one member of our family.


When Kevin and I went to the Atlanta Humane Society to adopt Huck in 2008, they took Kevin into an office and grilled him about how active we were.  They wanted to make sure that Huck — who is part Jack Russell terrier — had parents who were willing to take him on long hikes and runs and would play with him constantly because that was the kind of home he needed.

We passed the test and brought Huck home.

And Huck has been insanely happy with us.

Huck is part Jack Russell terrier.

But the other part?

Some kind of really sleepy breed.

And since Tom and I are now home all day — Huck doesn’t get the 12 hour naps he was used to.

He gets two 1.5 hour naps.

Just like the rest of us.

And he’s dying.

A slow, whiny death.

I’ve tried to move him into a bedroom to nap by himself.

But he wants to be with us.

Except he doesn’t.

But he does.

So…he has to put up with Tom and I’s very active lifestyle (are you hearing me AHS?) and we have to put up with his need to be in the same room with us, but left alone to sleep.

And Tom totally respects Huck’s need to be alone and sleeping.

Oh, did I say respects?

I meant ignores.

Huck isn’t thrilled about having his normal 12-hour nap interrupted by some friendly pats that are a little on the slapping/hitting side of petting.

(We’re working on it.)

But he puts up with us anyway.

I’m sure it’s because he loves us.

But it might be because he’s too tired to move.

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3 Responses to Hard For A Huckle.

  1. John Spencer says:

    What a cute dog and baby you have, Kate! I love reading your story about adopting Huck to your family!

  2. Robyn says:

    Ha. Poor Huck. If he needs some more excitement I can loan you Max for a day. Then he will sleep for a week — pats/hits won’t bother him because he’ll be in a post-Max coma.

  3. Kaye Smith says:

    “Hard For A Huckle” made me chuckle!

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