Bits: Snow! Edition.

It began snowing at our house at around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday.  Do you want to know what we did the rest of the weekend?

Too bad!

Cause there is snow, baby!

Here’s how it went for us…

This is what happens when I ask Kevin to take a picture of me.  This was his fourth attempt and the best one.  By far.  (Thanks, babe!)

Me taking a picture of him.  I said, “Are you looking up?”  And he said, “No. I’m looking at you.”  Yeah…I still think he’s looking up.

Those are snowflakes you see in our eyes.  Oh, and love.

I said, “Kevin, you’re ruining the snow!”  And then he said, “It’s still snowing so it will fill back in and you won’t be able to tell.”  And then I said, “Oh.”  And then I got tickled.  The End.

I take a picture of our lamp every time it snows for some reason.  It just looks so much better with snow on it!

Snowy house with the curtains still messed up from when I pulled them apart and said, “Kevin!  It’s snowing!!”

I know northerners make fun of southerners for getting worked up about snow, and that is why I took this picture.  These are my “snow boots.”  They are made of sweater material, aren’t waterproof and have decorative poof balls on them.  So see?  We are not prepared for this!  Although, I think these boots prove I am prepared to sit inside all day drinking hot chocolate and wearing poofy boots.

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1 Response to Bits: Snow! Edition.

  1. Kaye Smith says:

    I think you have more snow right now than we do, but ours will probably stay a little longer. So far I haven’t seen or heard of anyone going outside to take pictures of their yard lamps, puffy snow boots or themselves:) Love ya!

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