He Says He Doesn’t Smell It.

When Tom was first born, Kevin couldn’t hear his cries.

No really.

In the hospital room when we were all sleeping in the same room, Tom would cry and Kevin would sleep right through it in a way I never could.  I still can’t.

A lot of people (jokingly?) told me they thought he was lying to get out of middle-of-the-night wake-ups with Tom.  But my husband, bless him, would stay up until Tom woke up and then he would sleep after so I could get sleep and he wouldn’t miss it.

So.  I believe him.

But now?  Now I’m not so sure.

My husband claims he can’t smell it when Tom has a dirty diaper.

When Tom has a dirty diaper, it is not a light scent.

It does not smell like my perfume.

Or my deodorant.

It smells like poo.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in a chair across the living room and Tom was playing on the floor directly below where Kevin was sitting on the other side of the room from me.

And I said, “Shoo-wee Tom, do you have another dirty diaper?”

(It should be noted that I say “shoo-wee” every time Tom has a dirty diaper.  I’m sorry about that, but I’ve found I can’t stop.)


Kevin said, “I don’t smell anything.  How could you smell that?”

Me, “Ummm…because it smells terrible.”


Are boys just used to the smell of crap?

So I changed Tom and then accused Kevin of lying.

And he laughed and said that no, he really didn’t smell it.

And then I laughed and said (jokingly?) maybe I would hide a dirty diaper under his pillow at night to see if he smelled it them.

And then he stuck his tongue out at me.

Oh, also?

We’re very mature.

So, I’m thinking he’s making this up.


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1 Response to He Says He Doesn’t Smell It.

  1. Mimi Gelsthorpe says:

    Maybe Kev needs to change a few more dirty diapers to condition his nose to the smell.
    I’m thinking that he’s learned how to hold his breath until you do the changing. My son is gifted in procrastination. : (

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