A True Stay-At-Home Mom.

When I thought about becoming a stay-at-home mom, one of the main things that worried me about the prospect (besides being with Tom all the time) was wondering if we would have enough to do.

I am someone who doesn’t have to be around other people all the time, but some of the time is definitely required.

Since I’ve been staying home with Tom, I’ve made sure we do something everyday to get out of the house.

We either meet with friends for a play date, or I make an errand up and we go.

We’ve gone to the mall before for no reason at all except to walk around.

And talk to the manequins.

(Tom does this, not me.  I swear.)

Having plans (even the made up ones) has worked out great, and I haven’t felt trapped or stir crazy or secluded.

Until now.

The snow and ice that Atlanta received Sunday night is still here.  And I don’t know if you know this or not, but Atlanta is not AT ALL prepared for a storm like that.

The result is, we have not been able to leave the house.

At all.

Now on Tuesday, Kevin needed some files from his work.  So he drove my Subaru Outback to work (which is about a mile from us), to the gas station for more beer and then to Arby’s to get lunch for us.  (Woo!)

So…it is possible to leave our house.

But leaving the house with Tom would require me to trust other drivers.

The hundreds of other drivers I have seen on the news in ditches.

So, we’ve stayed home.

And although I think the snow is pretty, I love that Kev is working from home and Tom and I have invented some pretty insane “inside” games — it is much harder for me to be an actual stay-at-home mom than it was for me to be the stay-at-home mom who left the house.

Every night, I have been exhausted.  Completely worn out.

During the day, the number of times I have run into things and hurt myself in here is crazy.

It’s like my house is closing in on me.

Specifically, the walls are closing in on my toes.

But Tom?

He’s doing just dandy.

One day he seemed a little on the cranky side, but for the most part, he’s handled every day like a champ.

He loves our newly invented inside games.

Oh, and he’s learned to say “no.”

Maybe he’s saying “snow.”

Maybe he’s saying “I wish we could go to the mall like we used to.  And I really wish that you, Mom, could get a Starbucks.  I know you love them so.”

Yes, that’s definitely what he’s saying.

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2 Responses to A True Stay-At-Home Mom.

  1. Jen says:

    That first winter is the true SAHM test. You make it through, you’re a pro. Anyway, being in Atlanta, you’re probably almost through the woods. Until then, I suggest you start a letter-writing campaign to Starbucks to convince them to deliver.

  2. Karen C says:

    Oh I hate being house-bound!!! Getting out is the key to staying sane! 🙂

    I hope all that snow melts soon and you can go back to your regularly scheduled starbucks! :)))

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