Bits: Too Busy To Take Pics Edition.

I feel like I did a lot this weekend.

I went to Ikea with my sister (on a Saturday afternoon!) to help her find and load all the new furniture she needs to her new baby’s room and Matilda’s big girl room.  You ever been to Ikea on a Saturday afternoon?  Surviving it gets you nominated for sainthood I think.

I also met a friend for lunch.  And I worked on Sunday.

So here’s my problem.  I feel like I did a lot — but written out, it looks really lame.

I have no idea where my time went.  (Trashy romance novel reading, maybe?)

I did take a few pictures, but I promise to step it up next weekend!

This is my niece, Matilda, in her new big girl bed with her new toy box beside it and her soon-to-be baby brother’s new rocking chair at the end.  Just so you know, I was that maniac in Ikea on Saturday who kept running the cart loaded with this stuff into things (and the occasional person.)  I think I need to work out.

Okay seriously, Tom.  Slooooooooow Down!  No need to be growing up just because you have a birthday soon.  You are a baby.  You hear me?  A baby!

I told Tom I liked his hair.  He said, “Truck.”

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3 Responses to Bits: Too Busy To Take Pics Edition.

  1. Karen C says:

    LOL, yea went to Ikea in Seattle ONCE on a Sat, never again I said! ugh!!

    Ok, when do we HAVE to stop calling our boys babies? I still do and mine is 16 mo old! 🙂 I refuse to say “toddler”, he is still a baby!!!! 🙂 sigh…..

  2. Jen says:

    My baby is three. He only just noticed that I call him that and said something about it, so I’ve tried to stop. But really, he won’t stop being the baby until we have another one.

  3. robyn says:

    He is getting soooo big. Also, still looks like Kevin. Just in case you weren’t aware of this competely obvious fact.

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