Poo Pee Poo.

This is exactly how Tom said “Happy Wednesday!” to his mama yesterday.

The little stink.


7 p.m.: Put Tom in the bathtub.

7:17:  Tom poos in bath.

7:18: I take Tom out of bath, wrap him in towel but not before I get poo on my jeans.

7:19:  Take Tom to his room to wipe him down.

7:20: Bring Tom back into bathroom while I clean the tub and his toys.

7:22:  While watching the running water, Tom pees on the carpet.

7:23:  I say “That’s okay!” and keep cleaning the bath.

7:25:  Tom poos on the carpet.

7:26:  I actually laugh (insanity?) and say “No really, that’s okay!  But please stop.”

7:27: I drain out my partially-cleaned tub and fill it up with a little water to wash the poo off Tom’s bum, leg and foot.  You know…where he stepped in it.

7:30:  Take Tom out of dirty tub and put him on a towel and say “Stay.” (Good boy.)

7:31:  I spray Resolve on poo and pee.  Pee is near Tom, so I put my foot on it to cover.

7:32:  I clean the tub.  Again.

7:36:  Fill tub back up and put Tom in.  Begin cleaning toys in the sink.

7:38:  Scrub poo and pee spots.  All better!

7:42:  Tom gets his toys back.  And gets another wash.

7:45:  Kevin comes home and says, “Hey!  How’s it going?”

7:50:  I’ve stopped hysterically laughing long enough to say, “Great!  Can you watch Tom for a sec?  I’ve got to tell all of Facebook about something.”

Happy Wednesday!

Oh, did I poo and pee on the carpet? My bad.

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2 Responses to Poo Pee Poo.

  1. waymel says:

    Perfect picture – he looks torn up about what he put you through! Oh the guilt!

    They all do that though…something about the relaxation of the warm tub water. Good for you for keeping a sense of humor about it. Sometimes you gotta laugh or you’ll cry, right?

  2. Robyn says:

    He does look guilt-ridden. Boys are gross. But cute.

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