The Making Of Tom’s Woodland Themed 1st Birthday Party.

(If you’re reading this first, don’t.  You need to read THIS ONE first! (Love ya! Kisses!)

Okay, so you’re a nut like me.

Well…maybe not totally nutty like me, but sorta nutty to click on that link in the other blog and read this one too.

You’re a brave soul.

And I like you.

A lot!

So here’s how we did it…

The dessert table!

Okay, that tree really did fall down in our yard ON ITS OWN and after I told Kev I was trying to figure out how to build a tree for the table, he suggested cutting off the top of this one.  He is a genius!  So he cut it off and wedged it underneath our lighting fixture and then added some greenery bought at Hobby Lobby.

The burlap “table cloth” is just plain burlap bought for $2 a yard at Hobby Lobby.  I bought lighter colored burlap and made the bunting on the front by hot gluing the flags to twine I bought from a dollar bin at Michaels.

The blue bunting is “decorative” blue dotted packing tape that I also bought out of the Michaels dollar bins.  I just folded pieces of the packing tape over bakers twine and strung it up.

I already had that fairy door, which I bought off Etsy for something like $5.

I made deer sugar cookies (Deer Ol’ Tom Cookies); the “acorns” are Hershey’s kisses “glued” with icing onto miniature Sandies cookies (from those 100 calorie packs they sell);  Fruit on a stick (I thought the stick helped make it “Woodland” and plus it was easier to handle); and Goldfish crackers (Fish Gathered From The Stream) were in those red cupcake wrappers.

This cupcake stand was crazy easy to make.  I bought the wood planks at Michaels.  When Kev cut the tree for the table, I asked him to cut two more pieces from it and I hot glued them to the planks to make the stand.  Which was great, because the cupcake stand I have is super girly.  This worked better.

My sister made those cupcake toppers (Owls, Birds, Tress and Mushrooms) from felt.  She’s awesome.

The fondant icing animals on top of the cupcakes are from Etsy.  (LCcakes and she was great.)

I made the tiny bunting on top of the cupcakes the morning of the party (I wanted it to be taller, because I’m weird.)  I hot glued the flags to bakers twine.  Piece of cake!  (Pun intended.)

I made miniature pies in jars for people who don’t like cake, or just love pies.  (I didn’t quiz them or anything.) I totally stole this idea and used this tutorial to do it. I already had the tiny heart cookie cutter for a Valentines Day project I probably won’t end up doing.  🙂 )

The Owl-y Lollys were super easy to make and the kids loved them (sorry parents.)  I  bought the candy mold from and bought the candy melts from Hobby Lobby.  After melting the chocolate, they took about 5 minutes to make.  No, really.  I’m no Martha Stewart and I would not lie to you.

I liked the idea of s’mores, but didn’t want to deal with an open flame and toddlers.  (I’m so boring!)  So I dipped marshmallows in chocolate and then rolled them in graham crackers.  And then I hot glued little burlap flags to the tops of the sticks.  Even I will admit that is insane, but I couldn’t help myself.  I love hot glue.  (I need a shirt that says that.)

I loved, loved the photo booth pictures!  It was hard for me to remember to take pictures of everyone, and even with the help of my sister I didn’t get everyone.  If I had known how much I would love the photos, though, I think I would’ve done better.  (And by “better” I mean I would’ve assigned someone!  😉

The backdrop was just more burlap, more burlap bunting and I strung it up on our wall.

The animal hat props were bought at Michaels for way cheap after Halloween.  At the time, I thought Tom may want to play with them someday, but the kids really loved them for the photos.

The clown nose was borrowed.

I made the mustaches, lips and hearts on sticks by cutting them out of hard felt (I used these free printables as templates for the mustaches and lips) and HOT GLUED them on dowel sticks I already had.

I cut the crowns out of hard felt.  This idea came from a party pack being sold online and they were charging $15 a piece for crowns.  What?  Hard felt was $1.  I made two crowns from each piece.  I used ribbon I already had and strung it though little slits I made in the backs so kids could adjust them to their heads.  My crowns were 50 cents each.  Woo!

I made these and then realized I’d made weapons.  Rookie Mom Mistake #349!  But I don’t think anyone got seriously injured, but that was probably because we had mostly girls attend.  (Tom is a MacDaddy.)  The sticks are from my backyard and I HOT GLUED ribbon I already had to the tips.   “These are not to hit or fight, but only for your pure delight” is what the little sign says — which I made when I realized I was kinda a moron.

Balloon wreath!  I used this tutorial.  But!  I bought a bigger wreath than the one in the tutorial (accidentally!) so I had to double the amount of balloons.  I used 288.  No, really. I did.  I bought an 18-inch straw wreath, I left the plastic wrap on it and then I used greening pins (also called floral pins — they’re sort of U-shaped and can be found in the artificial flower section at craft stores) and just pinned the balloons all over the wreath. That’s it!  Tom LOVED this wreath.  He still does because I haven’t had the heart to take it down.  He actually pulled a balloon off and so we blew it up.  He got 1 bazillion gifts, but that balloon is way up there on his favorites list.


Anyway, I hope this helps if you’re planning something or if you wanted to know the depths of my crazy.


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29 Responses to The Making Of Tom’s Woodland Themed 1st Birthday Party.

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  2. Karen C says:

    WOW WOW and WOW!!!!

    You should totally be a party planner/consultant!!! I mean I would totally hire you! That has got to be the best party ever!! Plus I am a sucker for the woodland theme too, and I LOVE owls (you already know that though, because someday I am coming to steal your owl rug! lol)

    Tom is one lucky kid to have a mama that puts this much thought and effort into parties, I can really learn from you!!!

    (bowing down as we speak….)


  3. Robyn says:

    Wow. I know you kept saying “this only took five minutes!” and things of that nature, but all together that’s a lot of work! It turned out to be a great party… and I hope your nerve sickness went away. You did awesome!

  4. Jody Gelsthorpe says:

    Loved the party and all your decorations. I’m sure Mother Nature would be proud! Tom was adorable. He partied until he couldn’t hold his head up anymore!

  5. Carrie Rowe says:

    you did an AMAZING job!!! SO many fantastic details. The cupcake stand and tree are my fave, oh and the pie in a jar 😉

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  8. shelley says:

    So amazingly cute. Thanks for linking back to us for the wreath tutorial. 🙂

  9. Wow! I just have to say INCREDIBLE! It looks like it was a lot of fun.
    Did you happen to see the Smurfs movie? I think that would make an adorable theme. You look like you really plan ahead so you could start now, right? (Wink)

  10. Super duper cute! Our little guy turns 1 tomorrow and we’re having a woodland themed bday party for him on this weekend. I’ve been cruising the web, looking for last minute ideas and stumbled upon your blog – love what you did (and how you write). I was planning on making s’mores (in the oven before hand) and love your idea of dipping and rolling marshmallows. Thanks for the idea!! :o)

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  12. Shannon Floyd says:

    Hi! LOVE your party decor! I am doing a woodland theme for my daughter’s 4th birthday and got some great ideas from your blog (the s’mores, the wood slice cupcake stand, the burlap, hershey kiss acorns, …ok, so really I am replicating most of your ideas… they are that awesome!) Thanks for sharing! If only I could get my hubby to top off a tree for the center piece!! (I did ask…it didn’t make his official ‘to do’ list ;-)) Any chance you recall where you got the cake stand the marshmallows are displayed on?
    Thanks again!
    P.S. I am now a follower!

    • loveandkate says:

      Oh, thank you SO much for your kind words! It was really fun to plan and do! I got the cake stand from Target a couple years ago. Probably in 2010 maybe? Yeah, I already had it and it fit with the theme, so it got used! Hope your party turns out great! I know you AND your daughter will have a great time! 🙂 LOVE!

  13. zmama says:

    Searching for help with a “Meet the Animals” party having for 7 year old at a local Nature Reservation—have use of a carriage room for celebrating after the presentation and wanted a simple theme. Yours is perfect! I can easily do the acorns (love it) and smores and I’ve done chocolate pops before but didn’t even think of it until I looked at yours (great for party favors and we already found some discounted compasses to add too!) My son isn’t a big fan of cake but I think we’ll still do cupcakes and maybe some nature cookie cutouts. He loves fruit so maybe I’ll add your fruit skewers and see if we can make them onto branches of a small trunk as a holder so it can double as a centerpiece (inspired by yours). I always had older boys parties at home but its Feb. and we’ve had construction on-going and my house isn’t all that big inside (and previous kids had warm weather dates where I could utilize yard and enclosed porch)….so I’ve dreaded it and substituted “family weekend/overnight trip” etc. the past few years to avoid the whole party decisions…..this will be great to use my own theme etc. and have it out with entertainment (and not worrying our own pets and strangers in the home!). Hope you check back on your old posts because this is a BIG THANK YOU!!! My little guy won’t feel gipped and I don’t feel like I took a lazy way out (I always loved doing themes/planning home parties but “outside parties” are usually expensive, uniform & not creative inspiring). We get the best of both worlds (and its not going to break the bank—really not much more than my home parties and lots less than other party places(bowling, kids centers, movies).

    • loveandkate says:

      Wow! Thank you so much for your sweet comments!! I am so excited for your son’s party — seriously sounds like it will be amazing and he’ll have a great time! I’m so happy the ideas will help! Yay! Have fun and happy birthday to your boy!!

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  16. Heather says:

    Can I just say I think I love you? I am doing a woodland theme for my daughter’s 3rd birthday and wanted Smores, but like you I did not want open flame around a bunch of kids, or my accident prone brother. I had not thought of that idea. So glad I found your blog! 😀

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