A few months ago I decided I was going to try and teach Tom some baby sign language.

I really wanted to teach him the words “more” and “all done” specifically, because my sister told me those were the ones that were used the most.

And I kept forgetting to sign the other words.

About a month ago, Tom caught on to “more” and began signing “more” to me when it came to his favorite veggie puff snacks.

Just so you know, he always wants more veggie puff snacks.

But after giving him more, I would then sign “all done” which is to basically turn your hands back and forth like you’re trying to shake water off of them.  Although, that’s not how I shake water off my hands, but that’s all I’ve got as far as explanations go.


A week or two ago, he began to understand and sign “all done” to me while saying “done.”

Except he waves his entire arms and says DONE!

And he says it about EV-ERY-THING.

Sit him in the cart at Target?


Sit him in his high chair for dinner?


Give him one bite of his veggie/fruit combo baby food?


Putting him on his changing table?


I mean — how can you be done?  We haven’t even started these things!

At first I thought he just liked that he knew it and that I understood him.  And it has come in handy many times — like when we’re playing a game or on a walk — I know when he’s ready to move on.  So I am happy I taught him.

But I know he’s not just saying he’s done.  He really wants to be done.

He doesn’t want to sit in carts or chairs, or eat fruits or veggies, or have his diaper changed.

He is DONE with those things!

Except he can’t be.  So I have to say, “No, you’re not done.”

And then I shovel a butternut squash-sweet potatoes-apple-blueberries combo into his mouth as soon as he opens it to again say DOOOOOOOOOOOONE!

Yesterday, he said it when we weren’t really doing anything.

Just looked up at me and signed and said “Done.”

So there you have it.  My child is 1.

And he is done with me.

Birthday Cake? DONE! Mommy? DONE!

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2 Responses to He Is DONE!

  1. Karen C says:

    I am SO laughing at this post!!!!! Jake knows a few signs too, and done is def. one of them, LOL. He does the SAME thing! I put him in his chair to eat and he immed. signs “All Done”, and I am like, but we havent even eaten anything yet! :0

  2. Robyn says:

    Done! I love it. I think he’s really excited to be communicating. And I’m sure he’s not done with you.

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