Freezer Paper Robot Shirt.

So you want to make a shirt!

It’s “easy.”

No really, it is.

I used quotes because my exacto knife sucks, which made it more difficult.  Well…that’s what I’m assuming.  I’ve never made a shirt with a good exacto knife.


To make this shirt I used the freezer paper stencil method.  Freezer paper is like wax paper, except it’s only waxy on one side.  You will need a T-shirt, freezer paper (found near the aluminum foil in the grocery store), a good exacto knife, cutting mat, fabric paint and a paintbrush.

I found the robot image online and printed it out.  Then I traced the picture onto a piece of freezer paper. Then I meticulously cut out the robot using my crappy exacto knife on my cutting mat.  Basically, you want to cut out all the parts where you want color.

You then put the freezer paper on your T-shirt (waxy side down) and iron it on.  It will stick to your shirt, but it’ll be easy to remove when you’re done.  How cool is that?

It should look like this…

I cut out a little heart and added that to the robot so it’d be Valentine-y.

Then you just paint it in. I used a paintbrush, but apparently some people sponge-blot paint in there.

I painted two coats (letting it dry in between) to get it even.

It should look like this…

When it has completely dried (which took mine a few hours) then you just remove the paper.  Mine easily peeled off.

And it’s done!

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