Bits: Sick Baby Edition.

My low-key but super fun weekend plans included a trip (BY MYSELF!) to Kohl’s and a fabulous day at the park with my sister and niece so we could enjoy the beautiful weather.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

Yeah, I thought so too.

Instead I took Tom to the doctor Saturday morning after he woke up at 4 a.m. with a high fever. And found out he had a virus that made his throat hurt.

And then I went to CVS in search of Motrin and to Target to buy him the movie “Cars.”

And then I snuggled with him on the couch and took him for a walk around the neighborhood.

And then I did laundry.

So…that’s what I did this weekend. I didn’t really take pictures of any of these moments, but I can tell you that this weekend story ends well.

Here are the photos I did take…

He felt good enough to seriously concentrate on his driving.


He felt good enough to freak his mommy out with how big he’s getting.


And he felt good enough to do this by Sunday night.

Yeah, I think the little squirt is feeling better.  I think he just did it for the popsicles.

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1 Response to Bits: Sick Baby Edition.

  1. Karen C says:

    I am so sorry he was sick, poor baby!!! We are dealing with yet another round of colds in the kids here as well…UGH! I am so over it!!!

    he is adorable!!!

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