This 1-Year-Old…

This 1-year-old is very happy.

This 1-year-old loves to be thrown in the air.

This 1-year-old loves to be cuddled.

This 1-year-old loves to put his face in water and blow bubbles.

This 1-year-old loves dirt.

And water.

And sticks.

And leaves.

(Even those sharp holly ones.)

This 1-year-old loves books.

This 1-year-old LOVES being outside.

This 1-year-old loves when you pull him in his wagon really, really fast. Yes, you have to run. And shout ‘WEEEEE’ at the top of your lungs.

This 1-year-old loves looking at the stars.

This 1-year-old loves pointing out airplanes. And he raises his hands in the air when he sees one. And then waves “bye-bye” to them.

This 1-year-old loves patty-cake.

This 1-year-old loves trucks and balls almost as much as he loves his parents.

This 1-year-old loves his dog.

This 1-year-old happily kicks his legs and waves his arms and says “Da-da” when Kev comes home.

This 1-year-old will wake up from a nap and hand you either his teddy bear or stuffed toy horse to take with him out of the crib. Sometimes both.

This 1-year-old smiles really big whenever you say, “Tom? I love you!”

This 1-year-old gives real hugs.

This 1-year-old will sometimes look you in the eye and then lean forward and touch his nose to yours.

This 1-year-old is very, very ticklish.

This 1-year-old is sometimes shy around strangers. Just like his mama.

This 1-year-old is very curious about things and how they work.

This 1-year-old loves playing hide-and-go-seek in a major way.

This 1-year-old loves to “help” me unload the dishwasher by throwing silverware in the trashcan. (It actually does help since I have less to wash. Thanks!)

This 1-year-old has discovered climbing on top of tall objects. I’m going to have a heart attack.

This 1-year-old loves to give Huck dog treats. And Tom treats.

This 1-year-old is obsessed with Kev’s boxers.

This 1-year-old loves to pick music on the iPod.

This 1-year-old loves putting his animal magnets in the freezer.

This 1-year-old loves pop tarts.

This 1-year-old loves to pull my old photo albums off the shelves and go through them.

This 1-year-old loves bubbles.

This 1-year-old loves rocks.

He’s happy and smiley and laughs all the time. He thinks any crazy game you come up with is hilarious. He loves visiting people and going places. When given a choice on the playground to swing or slide, he chooses the rock climbing wall. He’s smart, talkative and very, very loving. He happily plays by himself with his trucks. A bowl of water for him to play in will cure any bad mood.

He’s (obviously) the best 1-year-old ever.

And I’m so happy this 1-year-old is mine.

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6 Responses to This 1-Year-Old…

  1. Greg says:

    this 32yr old loves your blog 🙂

  2. waymel says:

    Isn’t it great to have a happy child? I don’t know how much of these things are nuture vs. nature, but happy kiddos are the best.

  3. carrie says:

    He is ALL BOY!

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