Bits: Sunny Weekend Edition.

It’s so, so very sunny and warm here right now. Amazing weather. Awesome. Wonderful.

Brag, brag, brag, brag, brag.

I’m still working at the TV station on Sundays, though, so even though Sunday was beautiful, I pretend it sucked. (It was gray, rainy and cold! Totally. Was.)

But Friday?



Even better.

And we got things done! And spent time outside! And Tom got his first sandbox!

Oh the trouble I’m in now…

Here are some bits of our weekend. (Minus dreary, terrible Sunday.)

When picking out a Friday outfit, Tom chose rock star pajama pants to go with his tractor shirt. He went back-and-forth between rock star pants and his plaids, but rock star won out. (Obviously.)

Huck wanted to come inside. Tom wanted to go outside. Mommy ignored their wants and grabbed a camera. Standoffs must be documented.

Tom tried spaghetti for the first time. Why the first time? His mommy is a weirdo and didn’t think of it before. He liked it okay. (In this instance “okay” means “OH-MY-GOD-HE-FREAKING-LOVED-IT!!!!” or something like that.)

Tom’s version of Heaven. (He thinks Heaven involves spaghetti-comas and trucks. I agree.)

I put Tom in a bin. I figured I better do it now because he’s almost 6 feet tall.

I took Tom out of the bin just long enough to admire his new cubbies. Don’t you love the word cubbies?! Me too. (Cubbies.)

Huck is pretty sure it’s warm enough for chipmunk-hunting-season, also known as the season when I say, “Run chipmunk!” at least once a day. (Huck HATES when I warn the chipmunks, by the way. He says he doesn’t care how cute they are.)

Daddy wanted to build Tom a sandbox, so he went to Toys R Us and bought one. (Love him.) Tom was stoked to find out it took about an hour to “build” his sandbox. And he got to go to Toys R Us! Score!

The first thing Tom did was throw a whole bunch of sand in his hair. You probably already know this, but sand comes out of baby hair super easily. You may know this too, but I lie a lot.

Baby items got moved to the basement. Not my basement, mind you, but some loving grandparents’ basement. I’m so gonna miss these baby toys! I think I’m going to miss every toy that doesn’t involve 200 pounds of sand.

I explained to Tom that these holly leaves hurt. “Ouch!” I said. I made an icky ouch face so he’d really understand. I went over this with him a minimum of 15 times. Then I put him down on the ground. This is him “understanding” my warnings. Me thinks I’m in big trouble, people. Big.

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3 Responses to Bits: Sunny Weekend Edition.

  1. Kaye Smith says:

    I’m trying to understand what spaghetti-comas are. I understand what a coma is and what a comma is, but what the heck is a spaghetti-coma? So glad Tom is enjoying his new sandbox. Be forewarned – the neighborhood cats will LOVE it, too:)

    • loveandkate says:

      Ha ha! I’m sorry, Kaye! I write like I talk and sometimes that means I don’t make much sense! After Tom ate A LOT of spaghetti, he was totally tuckered out. He wanted to go to sleep for the night even though it was 6:15 or something. I called it a “spaghetti-coma” because of how tired he was (resting his head on his tray.) And the sandbox came with a cover! And now that I’ve read your warning, I’ll make sure to use it. 🙂 LOVE.

  2. Robyn says:

    It was really pretty — well, except for Sunday, which was obviously disgustingly awful.

    Love the expression in the first picture.

    At my house it is bird-chasing season, but I don’t even bother warning the birds. Max is fast, but he can’t fly. Yet.

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