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Kev Did It!

When the parent police inevitably ask us who taught Tom to blow bubbles in his milk, I am going to pull this picture out. And then I’m going to point at the love of my life and say, “He did … Continue reading

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Adjusting To 1-Year-Old Life.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this on this blog, in real life, on Facebook, on Twitter or whatever, but… My child is ONE YEAR OLD!! (I think maybe I did.  Mention it.) But just in case you’ve been busy … Continue reading

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Bits: Valentine’s Day Edition.

Let me start by saying, Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve always kind of loved Valentine’s Day.  I think there was one year when I claimed I hated it and it was dumb and it was invented by greeting card companies and … Continue reading

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Freezer Paper Robot Shirt.

So you want to make a shirt! It’s “easy.” No really, it is. I used quotes because my exacto knife sucks, which made it more difficult.  Well…that’s what I’m assuming.  I’ve never made a shirt with a good exacto knife. … Continue reading

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A few months ago I decided I was going to try and teach Tom some baby sign language. I really wanted to teach him the words “more” and “all done” specifically, because my sister told me those were the ones … Continue reading

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The Making Of Tom’s Woodland Themed 1st Birthday Party.

(If you’re reading this first, don’t.  You need to read THIS ONE first! (Love ya! Kisses!) Okay, so you’re a nut like me. Well…maybe not totally nutty like me, but sorta nutty to click on that link in the other … Continue reading

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Tom’s 1st {Woodland Themed} Birthday Party!

I don’t really think he’ll have more Woodland-themed parties, but I didn’t know how else to title this blog.  Plus, he’s always surprising me so maybe this will be EXACTLY what he wants for his 16th birthday bash!  Bwahahahahahaha. Anyway. … Continue reading

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