Bits: Visiting Hattie Edition.

This weekend we went to my hometown for the very cutest, but briefest, of visits.

We drove down on Saturday during morning nap and drove home that during afternoon nap.

Why would we do that you ask?

Because Little Miss Hattie of Savannah was visiting, and we had to take advantage of her closeness!

And I’m so happy we did because:

Tom + Hattie = Cuteness Overload.

Here, I’ll show you what I mean…

There were intense negotiations over the trucks. The moms mediated. In the end, it was settled and everyone was happy. (Thank goodness we avoided a trial.)

After 7 minutes of the moms saying things like, “Hattie, look at me!” “Hey Tom, over here!” Clap, clap, clap, snap, snap, whistle, whistle — they both looked up at the same time with their “What the?!” looks. These are memories, people!

My uncle Larry taunting his daughter. He’s totally saying, “I betcha wish you could reach this ball. Maybe next year…” (No lie.)

Tom and Hattie L-O-V-E-D the portable bubble machine. I don’t think Tom realized you could enjoy the bubbles from a safe distance because he insisted on standing directly in front of it at all times. The result? My kid was clean as a bubble.

Tom started missing Huck about halfway through our day and began looking for alternatives.

Tom loved my aunt Sheri and her toys. That’s all he talked about on the way home. “Ba ba ba ya ya ooh oooh oooh” is loosely translated as “I love Sheri.”

I believe my cousin, little Dargan, brought this toy to Sheri’s so the little ones could play with it. Tom thought it was awesome. “Ba ba ba ya ya ooh oooh oooh” is loosely translated as “Thank you little Dargan.”

He was serious about his driving. (I’m pretty sure he had no idea his mom was pushing him. Which I love.)

Ba ba ba ya ya ooh oooh oooh! (Have a good week!)

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2 Responses to Bits: Visiting Hattie Edition.

  1. Robyn says:

    Is Tom wearing a yeti shirt?

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