A SAHM Update.

A couple months ago, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom.

I know there are a lot of opinions out there about stay-at-home motherhood versus working motherhood, so before you read this blog I want you to know something about me:

I planned to be and was a working mother before deciding to stay home full-time.

I’m saying that because I want you to know that I don’t believe there is a right and wrong choice. I believe it is a personal choice. I didn’t think it was weird that not every friend of mine wanted to go to college to become a TV news writer. I don’t think it’s weird that every friend of mine is not a stay-at-home mom, either.

So! With that said, I wanted to write this blog about how I’m doing with my choice to stay home full-time with Tom.

Do I miss going to work?

Do I think I’ve made a mistake?

Is staying at home with Tom harder than I thought?

Do I think I’m doing a good job?

Short answers are: No, No, No and Yes!

I am so very happy with the decision I made. I feel very sure that I made the correct decision for me and for us. I love staying home with Tom. Even when he’s having a bad day — and right now there aren’t many of those. (Don’t jinx me, world!)

But I am happy. He is happy. It’s working for us.

I love the freedom staying at home affords me. I love coming up with a plan for us every day.

With the wonderful weather we’ve been having, our plans usually involve going to one of the nearby parks to play for an hour or so. We run errands together. We play outside in our yard together. We go on walks around the neighborhood together.

We read books, practice walking, visit our neighbor, pull up grass, play in dirt and take naps.

Does this all sound boring?

It’s not.

The biggest difference is: My life has slowed down.

Which is what I needed.

After I made the decision to stay home, but before I did, I was scared of so many things.

I was scared I would go nuts being with a baby whose total vocabulary included “truck.”

I was scared I would be lonely.

I was scared I would really, really miss the job I loved so much.

I was slightly scared I would get a little lazy and not do everything I dreamed I would do with Tom.

I know my fears sound a little dramatic, but I just had no real idea of what I was getting myself into.

I kept asking myself, “Am I making a mistake?”

It’s true, I loved my job. It was the job I’d always wanted, and I had it. I loved everyone I worked with. (Yes, even the bosses!)

See why I thought I could be nuts?

But I wasn’t wrong about this.

I believe that staying home full-time with Tom was the right decision for me.

I know this kind of life would not work for everyone. I totally know that.

But I’m happy it’s working for me.

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