Bits: A Day Late Edition.

I am addicted to the TV show “Bones” on Netflix Instant Watch. I am pretty much watching an episode of Bones any time that Tom is sleeping. Because of this addiction, I am just now writing this blog which I usually write on Sunday. I’m making myself stay away from the TV.

Bones is a really good show.

Anyway, besides watching TV this weekend, we also did this…

Tom read us “War and Peace.” Or…something like that. I forget the title.

He made this face while looking at his Daddy and saying, “I’m gonna need some more grass back here. You know…the green stuff?”

He loves walking with a little help from a TRUCK!

I convinced Huck there was something buried in the sandbox directly beneath Tom’s bum. I love Saturdays.

This happened.

Tom invented train yoga. And got cuter.

Have a good week! LOVE!

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3 Responses to Bits: A Day Late Edition.

  1. Brandi says:

    He is so a boy! And I agree, he get’s cuter every weekend! 🙂

  2. Robyn says:

    What is that face??!!! That’s awesome.

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