Four Years Ago Today.

Kev and I got married!

In four years we have bought a house, gotten a dog, had a baby and…

Oh, that’s it. That’s all we’ve done.

But I think that’s pretty impressive since the four years prior to that I had done none of those things.

Actually, what WAS I doing the four years before that?

(Oh yeah, I was going out on bad dates! Including one where the guy showed up for our second date totally drunk and carrying a 12-pack. And his jeans looked suspiciously stone-washed.)


Kev and I got married four years ago today, and it was awesome.

In both 2009 and 2010, I blogged about 10 awesome things I remembered from that day. I’ve decided to reminisce and put both of those entries here again today.

But not before telling you the 10 things that make my husband even more awesome since having Tom.

1. Every day when Kev comes home, he immediately picks up and holds Tom even though he still has his laptop bag and all that junk attached to him.

2. He never, ever cares if I want to go meet a friend for dinner or drinks by myself.

3. When I told him I thought I may want to quit my job and stay home with Tom, his first response was, “Okay, I totally understand. We’ll figure it out.” Then he stayed up that night figuring out a new budget for us so I could do it.

4. Kev spends every moment he’s home and Tom is awake WITH Tom.

5. He is always encouraging me and asking me how our playdates, swim lessons, park excursions are going.

6. He tickles Tom until Tom gets the hiccups. Watching that happen makes me mush.

7. He tells me I’m a pretty wife. Even when I’m definitely not.

8. He gives the best hugs. To all of us.

9. He makes sure Huck gets played with and loved so Huck doesn’t get jealous.

10. He is a good, awesome, totally wonderful person, father and husband. Who occasionally lets me make fun of him on the internet.

Happy Anniversary!!! LOVE you.

And now, in case you missed it, here are my favorite 20 memories from our wedding day!

1. I had purposely planned for my day to be completely open so I could get last minute things done. Problem was, I was apparently already done. I went up to my mom’s room and asked her what she was doing that afternoon. “Nothing,” she said. So my mom and I went out to buy my dad some black socks (which were like $30 at some fancy shop) and then we went to Starbucks and had coffee and cake. It was awesome.

2. I ate lunch at Whole Foods with my mom, dad, and grandmother. I had some soup – it was delish. We ate outside and it was a beautiful, beautiful day.

3. My sister came to my room and informed me that we were supposed to be downstairs in 20 minutes to leave for the wedding. I was not dressed or anything. So…after lazily eating away my entire day, I then got ready in 20 minutes flat. I brushed my hair, put on my makeup, Rachel put on my veil, and my dress and we were ready to go! I was (strangely) not at all bothered by this.

4. During the “putting on of my dress” part, my dress sort of broke. I took a really deep breath for some reason and popped the eye hook thing. Again, I was not bothered at all. Rachel fixed it with a well hidden safety pin.

5. My entire family and Kevin and I got on the trolley that was to take us to our wedding site (we got married in Charleston, SC.) I remember getting on the trolley first and everyone who got on after me stopped to hug me.

6. When we arrived at the wedding site, there were little kids playing in the park where we were getting married. I heard one little girl gasp and say, “Look! There’s a bride!”

7. Kevin was so handsome, so relaxed, and just completely adorable. We laughed and smiled a lot during the ceremony. He was not at all emotional, although I think my voice shook during one part. I was not surprised.

8. We took a million pictures afterward! It was awesome. I thought it was super fun. Rachel was a superstar and made sure to get some important pics taken. One of the pictures she insisted on ended up being one of my favorites.

9. We went to dinner with everyone at the place where Kev and I had eaten the night we got engaged. Apparently, in Charleston, the same evening we got married was prom night. A ton of prom-goers were at the same restaurant where we were. As we were leaving dinner to get back on the trolley, a bunch of prom-goers were outside the restaurant waiting for their table. As we were getting back on the trolley, a girl said to me, “Did you just get married today?” and I said “Yes!” (of course…since I was wearing a wedding dress) and then all the teenagers broke out into applause and cheered.

10. Afterwards, back at the hotel, we all went to the hotel bar and sat on the patio. A group of people were sitting next to us (who were quite awesome) and they bought us drinks. We had the best time at our completely impromptu reception. (My formal and very huge reception was a week later in GA.)

11. I made mimosas in my room instead of getting ready like I was supposed to. That’s probably why I was so relaxed and didn’t care that I only had 20 minutes to get ready.

12. Once I made it to the park, my then 6-year-old niece told me that, “Kevin dated a lot of girls. A lot of them. But he decided to marry you.” I told her I was glad he picked me. And then I prompted her and said, “Aren’t you glad?” She said yes. (Better have been yes or no flower girl duties for you!)

13. I sort of put together our vows for our friend/officiant to read but I forgot to put a notation in there to have everyone be seated. So after the first prayer and my grandmother read a poem, I kind of not-so-subtly whispered to our friend/officiant to tell them to sit down. Kevin laughed at me. Our friend very ceremoniously said “Please be seated.” Which kind of made me laugh.

14. Our ringbearer/nephew decided he didn’t want to walk down the aisle after all. I didn’t care. There weren’t any rings on that pillow anyway.

15. I didn’t see my flowers until I arrived at the wedding site. I loved them but my bouquet was enormous! I felt bad that Rachel had to hold that huge thing and hers as well. My weak arms would’ve dropped that sucker.

16. We had a harpist at our wedding and she took requests. Kevin loved that about her. He requested tons of songs (mostly Irish ones) after the ceremony was over while we were taking pictures. I requested nothing because I don’t ever know the names of songs. Except “Vogue” and I thought that’d be weird.

17. Complete strangers watched us get married. They were an older couple and they sat on the bench right next to the gazebo and watched the whole thing and wished us congratulations. I thought they were incredibly sweet.

18. After the ceremony, I moved my wedding band to my right hand because I liked the way my engagement ring looked without it. Now, I don’t wear my wedding band at all.

19. I ordered red wine with dinner without even thinking that I was wearing white. And that I’d have to wear the dress again the very next weekend for our reception. That was the only thing I was nervous about that day. And after my first glass, I wasn’t anymore.

20. When we got back to the hotel, two little girls were in the elevator and were so excited that I was a bride. One of the girls ran her hand down my dress while she asked me questions. Adorable! And then we had drinks with her family.

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5 Responses to Four Years Ago Today.

  1. Karen says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!! You guys are the cutest couple EVER!!!!!

  2. Victoria says:

    Happy anniversary to the coolest, hippest, best looking couple I know

  3. Robyn says:

    Y’all make the best couple. LOVE.

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