Bits: Easter Edition.

Ummm…so when I was going through my photos from this weekend (233 of them) and I narrowed them down for this blog post, I STILL came up with too many.

Sorry about that.

Hopefully it won’t crash your computer.

If it does, blame Tom. He’s too cute and I can’t cut out cuteness. So…totally his fault.

Getting a serious hug from Matilda.

We’re cousins! Well, Rachel and I aren’t.

Getting walking lessons from Grandma.

Huck sort of likes my parent’s lake house. And by “sort of likes” I mean he thinks it’s THE BEST PLACE EVER!

Getting ready for the hunt.

Tom was excellent at finding brightly-colored eggs that were cleverly “hidden” next to pinecones.

And then he realized there were snacks inside, so he stopped hunting and started eating.

Cousin Hattie ready to fill her gigantic basket!

Matilda eyeing Tom’s three eggs.

I sort of lent a helping hand. By pointing to the egg over and over and over until he finally picked it up.

More eating.

Take 1.

Take 33.

The Easter bunny left Tom a sheep. He kind of loves it.

Hope y’all had a wonderful Easter weekend! Have a good week. LOVE!

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2 Responses to Bits: Easter Edition.

  1. Karen says:


    I am jealous of your warm weather! We are still wearing jackets here! Coldest April in 20 years…so they say, ugh.

    Looks like a wonderful Easter!!! 🙂

  2. Robyn says:

    Happy Easter! I love the sheep too!

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