{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

My sister told me my {Almost} Wordless Wednesday postings were getting wordy.

Not {almost} wordy.


So…I’m going to try harder to be true to my title.

(Although this explanation is a setback.)

I give you…a hug (or two or three) amongst cousins.

(And then that’s all I’m going to say about it. Really! I swear! No more words!)

Matilda giving Tom a hug.

Her hugs are quite strong.

Let’s try that again!

Sweet hug.

That again ends with Tom flat on his back.

Let’s try that one more time!



I think maybe she doesn’t know her own strength.

She’s been working out. Crossfit, I think.

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1 Response to {Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

  1. Robyn says:

    Ha – Crossfit for babies! There is a woman who comes to the noon class with her baby. She (the baby) really loves listening to loud metal music and watching us lift. Seriously. Smiles the whole time. It’s kind of encouraging.

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