Yeah, He’s Talking To You.

Tom loves the phone.

He gets this from me. Teenage/Early-20s me, but still me.

(I kind of hate the phone now, which is odd since I used to be completely OBSESSED with it. I got mad at my dad in high school once for leaving me a message that said “A boy called. Then another boy called.” “DADDY!” I whined, “I NEED names!!” I’m pretty sure I got put on restriction for yelling at my dad about how he took down my messages. But really, I needed names.)


Tom loves nothing more than spending a day chatting away on phones to make-believe people.

Most of the time, he’ll actually use the phone.

He loves our home phone, and if your number is 777777777777777789000000 — you may get a call from him soon.

He loves my cell phone too, which makes one of us.

If he ever figures out how to actually call someone, or answer it, I will hug him.

(My cell hates my guts. And the feeling’s mutual.)

And, of course, Tom also goes for things that aren’t phones. Most of the time, I get it.

He thinks our portable GPS is a phone.

Our Wii remotes are phones.

Our TV remotes are phones.

Lately he’s started talking to a random cord that I used as a temporary leash for Huck one time when Kev hid Huck’s actual leash from me.

(Isn’t he the meanest?!)

My neighbor told me it looked like a cable cord, but I’m not sure. All I know is that I got it from the shed and now it probably won’t work for Kevin when he needs it for…whatever.


But his latest phone? Well…it’s an interesting choice.

It’s supposed to be hanging from the ceiling in the corner of our living room, but it fell recently. And instead of putting it back up, we just left the sharp, metal star thing sitting in the corner.

Because we completely forgot we were the parents of a toddler.

Sharp, metal decor + phone-obsessed Tom = the video below.

(I think he’s talking about the Royal Wedding. Listen close. He totally says, “I think Royal Weddings are ridiculous, but my mom disagrees. She’s SO annoying. And I wish she’d do a better job at writing down my messages. And she’s pretty.”)

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6 Responses to Yeah, He’s Talking To You.

  1. Karen says:

    LOL this is adorable!!! Jake does the same thing!!! He uses our remotes, calculator, etc and “talks” on the phone, he has even used our real phone to call a few people, all they hear is a babbling baby on the other line. Ha!

    Ummm what kind of medieval torture, impalement device is that anyway??? :0 (hee hee, yes I know it’s decor but it could second as that right? )

  2. Robyn says:

    Tom has the best imagination ever! So cute!! It looked like he was having a hard time figuring out how to “hang up” that phone. Tricky.

  3. Estela says:

    He’s totally operating a switchboard!

  4. Jason says:

    Our Mitchell is more of a texter. Whenever I’m traveling, I know when he gets a hold of the wife’s cell when I start getting lots of texts that read, “nothing to display”.

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