Bits: Working In The Yard Edition.

Since we moved into our house we’ve worked on correcting a few issues on the inside before moving to the outside.

And then we worked on correcting a few issues in the front yard before moving to the backyard.

Well, backyard?

This was your BIG weekend!

(Sort of.)

And I helped!

(Sort of.)

Here’s what was going on at our house this weekend. (In our own backyard…)

A “before” picture. Pre-island.

Kevin spent a lot of time moving the mulch from the mound in the back corner of our yard to our soon-to-be-island. I did it twice and needed an Advil. Tom took the best approach, I think, by putting teeney, tiny bits into a cup. He’s a patient man.

Then he climbed to the top and said he was “king of the world.” Like, whatever Tom. A mound of mulch is not a boat.

So then he ditched helping and just watched us with the help of his lantern. Which he stole.


Now, do you see that bit of grass on the bottom left of the picture? Yeah, Kev decided to sod close to the house and use seed everywhere else. Except that Home Depot and Lowe’s were sold out of sod.

Except for 20 tiny pieces.

Which Kev bought.

Tom and Kevin enjoying their little slice of heaven sod.

And then I made Kevin pose with it because I thought it was funny. And sort of mocking your husband’s hard work is considered insanely sweet in some cultures. Like mine. (Love you, Kev!)

Are you wondering if you just read an entire blog post on our boring backyardwork?

You totally did.

Hope you have a good week! LOVE.

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2 Responses to Bits: Working In The Yard Edition.

  1. Karen says:

    It really looks great, the tiny slice of grass and all! LOL

    Love the pic of Tom helping to move mulch one piece at a time, he might be done by the time he is 22. 😉



  2. Robyn says:

    Oooo.. when are you going to invite me over to sit on the back deck and enjoy the view? I’ll bring snacks.

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