Wrapped Around His Finger. Or My Finger.

A couple weeks ago, Tom took his first steps.

And it was an exciting day for all of us, as we were about to go out of town without him and I just KNEW he was saving those first steps for my parents instead of me.

But he didn’t, and he took steps.

(Good job, Tom. I knew my brownie bribes would work!)

So when we returned from our trip, I expected my little man would be walking around all over the place.


And then a couple of people told me that if he’d taken his first steps, he was just DAYS away from walking.


And then I thought, well surely he’ll start walking NEXT week.


Or the week after?


And then strangers would comment on what a big boy he was and would say things like, “I bet he’s walking all over the place!!”


And then a couple people tried to tell me, “Oh, well once he does start walking you’re going to wish he wasn’t.”


I want Tom to walk. I have this crazy thing where I like my child to advance and grow and thrive.

(I’m insane! I wanted him to crawl, too. Nuts!)

So even though I know there is a large window of when babies start walking, and Tom is still within that window — I feel like he should be walking now because he took those first steps already!

Stop being a tease, Tom!

For a couple weeks after the first steps, I couldn’t even get him to do any walking. It was like he tried it and deemed it totally overrated. He brushed it off and there was nothing his stuffed elephant or I could do to change that.

And then! He started walking.

On one condition: That he was holding my finger.

That’s right, Tom can walk. But he wants to hold my hand while doing it.

And if I try to slyly slip my finger out of his grasp, he will immediately sit down and give me an accusing stare.

His stare gives me shivers. So I give him my hand back.

So then he’s tricked me again, because there aren’t too many things sweeter than your baby boy demanding you hold his little tiny hand for a walk around the yard.

He’s trying to make me forget my wants!

Am I going to forget that I want Tom to start walking soon?


Am I going to be content if he holds off just a little while longer?


But don’t tell him.

I don’t want him to realize that he wrapping his hand around my finger means I’m wrapped around his finger.

That’s just confusing.

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2 Responses to Wrapped Around His Finger. Or My Finger.

  1. Melissa N. says:

    LOL! Ben took his first steps last Thursday just before Craig went out of town for a week. Literally just before…he was packing the car to leave. All week he will take one or two steps laugh and sit down. No walking, I’m with you, I’m ready for him to walk already. Crossing my fingers that they both start actual walking SOON!

  2. Robyn says:

    He’s walking, he just wants a little mommy assurance while he does it. I think it’s cute! Of course, I’m not the one bent over and walking him around… but still… cute!

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