Rachel’s {Little Man Themed} Baby Shower – Part 1.

I threw a baby shower for my little sister this weekend at her house.

Even though it is her second baby, it will be her first baby BOY(!!) and I couldn’t let that get by without a shin-dig celebrating it.

Of course!

I’m dividing this up into three parts for my sanity and yours. (You’re welcome.)

This part will be all about the actual shower and food. Here we go!

Food table! To make the foods a little more “little man” I added some “bowtie” pasta to the pasta salad and made mustache chocolate lollys for the cupcake toppers. (I got the mustache mold and yellow melting chocolates from layercakeshop.com). And although my little man likes hot dogs, I spared the girls and gave them chicken salad and egg salad sandwiches instead.

Mmmm…cupcakes. I have a cupcake addiction, by the way. Again, I didn’t have a cupcake tower I liked for this event, so I stacked coffee mugs in between one of my dinner plates, a salad plate and a bread plate — using hot glue to keep them in place. Then my mom and I ruthlessly tore it apart after the shower and put our nails to good use peeling off the glue. Cause that’s how we like to spend our Saturday nights.

This is how I made the potato chips look fancy, baby shower-ish and matching my theme. So there.

Lemonade and mason jar glasses with flower cut-out tops and stripey straws! I love a stripey straw.

My niece, Matilda, was there. This is what she does when you say “Smile!”

One of my sister’s friends, Amanda, knitted her this baby owl. Man, she showed us up!

Matilda blowing bubbles with our Aunt Kathy.

Posing with our mustaches!

Posing without mustaches. In case Rachel wants to pretend her friends are normal.

Rachel’s childhood friend, Jaime, drove from Alabama to be there. Sweetness!

Me and my taller baby sister. LOVE her and her babies!

CLICK HERE for Part 2 of Rachel’s Baby Shower!

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