Rachel’s {Little Man Themed} Baby Shower – Part 2.

Did you miss Part 1? CLICK HERE for Part 1 of Rachel’s Baby Shower!

This entry is going to be all about the decor.

Although I chose “little man” for the theme, and yellow and gray for the colors, I also incorporated my favorite birds and trees and branches in there too.

Little boys like the wilderness after all!

I chose the yellow and gray color scheme mainly because they’re super summery colors and when I saw a yellow and gray tablecloth at Target, I had to have it so throwing this shower was how I validated the purchase.

(Thanks, Rach!)

G is for Gus! Which will be his name when he makes his appearance. To make this I just glued paper from Paper Source onto a cardboard letter I got from Hobby Lobby. Easy Peasy!

I made this with no idea where I was going to use it. And the mailbox was the big winner! It could also hang from the ceiling if you had a good spot. I used an embroidery hoop and hot glued different colored ribbons at different lengths to it. I loved it outside where the ribbons blew in the breeze.

Tablecloth from Target! (LOVE.) The branches in the vase were from my yard and I spray-painted them gray and added some little yellow birds (from Hobby Lobby) to the branches.

How cute is this art print?! I got it from Etsy (sugarfresh) and the frame from Hobby Lobby.

$1 bird houses from Joann’s that I painted to match and added some more of that Paper Source paper to the tops.

Made a quick banner using Amy Butler’s Linen Optic Blossom fabric to dress up my sister’s living room armoire.

I seriously cannot find where I got this wishing tree. No idea. But I found it online at a couple other places, including HERE if interested. Guests wrote their wishes for Rachel and Gus on little slips of gray paper and then hung them on the tree. My wish for Gus? That he grows up to be a HAPPY astronaut. (Of course!)

Sometimes Rachel’s yard decor got involved in the theme, too.

CLICK HERE for Part 3 of Rachel’s baby shower!

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