Rachel’s {Little Man Themed} Baby Shower – Part 3.

Did you miss Part 2? CLICK HERE for Part 2 of Rachel’s baby shower!

This entry will be all about the activities that were excellently executed at Rachel’s baby shower.

No really, I’m always pretty impressed when I get a bunch of smart, pretty ladies to go along with whatever weird ideas I have.

And they did not disappoint!

Here is what I convinced Rachel’s friends to do this time…

1. Make onesies. Now, I sort of made them do this at the last baby shower I threw for Rachel, but this time I changed it up. This time I bought some fat quarters of fabric, Heat and Bond, scissors, an iron and some design templates and instructed them to slave away under the hot summer sun and MAKE ME SOME ONESIES! Well, okay, I didn’t really scream it. I gently requested it and instructed and that got the job done just as effectively. I was super impressed with the results. They ALL did a wonderful job!

Hot summer sun slaving onesie makers.

Sarah’s a cutter.

Making my mom iron. Her expression is the result of a rather difficult design choice and the teeney tiny scissors her oldest daughter supplied her. What’s wrong with her oldest daughter anyway?

Amanda showing off her cute onesie!

Super impressive, right? I was thrilled with everyone’s work and will hire them all back for my next baby shower.

2. Thumbprint guest book. Instead of a guest book or a quiz as I had done in the past, this time I (poorly) painted a tree onto a piece of cardstock and asked guests to stamp their thumbprints on it and write their names under it. Rach can either hang it as artwork or just put the paper in a scrapbook. Either way — we were there! (And if we ever go missing, Rach has our prints.)

3. Bean bag tossing. I don’t know why this appealed to me, but I really wanted to do it. I saw that it was going to be super awesome weather so I wanted to do some type of game outside. And it was a great thing to do while the other ladies were put to hard at work making onesies. A game between Rachel, Angela and I was pretty long due to the fact that a.) We were making jokes about bean bag hustlers and b.) I can’t add. I won that round. (Because I am a bean bag hustler.) I played later with my mom and she beat me. And even after she beat me, she said she wanted to keep “padding her score.” And that’s where I get my nuttiness from.

Angela getting hustled.

4. Bow tie name game. This was the most baby shower-ish game we played. Everyone got a bowtie (which I glued to tiny clothes pins) and the words “baby” and “cute” were off limits. Anyone who caught someone saying either of those words could take their bowtie. Person with the most bowties wins! Sarah was the winner, but I forgot to take her picture modeling the bowtie game, so my mom got those honors since she was in second place. Also — and I’m sure I don’t need to mention this — I NEVER win this game. Apparently being talkative is not a good characteristic for this game. I’m still looking for a game where that is good. Cause then I could make people play it, win it and get my own prize candle. (Someday…)

I loved planning this baby shower and cannot wait to meet my newest nephew in June! LOVE!

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8 Responses to Rachel’s {Little Man Themed} Baby Shower – Part 3.

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    This shower is AWESOME!! The next time I have a party to throw I am hiring you to help me!! So creative! I love it!

  3. Jen says:

    Your party-making skills continue to astound me. Awesome!!

  4. Robyn says:

    Wow! I’m going to hustle you by pretending to be pregnant so you will throw me a shower. And then I’ll reveal it’s just a pile of bean bags under my shirt.

  5. yvonne says:

    Excellent ideas! Can’t wait to use some of them at my daughter’s shower!!!!

  6. melissabix says:

    i just pinned you and im stealing some of these ideas 🙂 super cute shower! i found your blog searching for a train themed party for my soon to be one year old 😉 you may see some of your ideas down the line for that party too! ill be sure yo give you a shout out !
    thanks! love your blog!

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