Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time (today) a mommy (me) took her child (Tom) to the park.

After a lengthy trip in which many puff snacks were consumed by the child, and the mommy tried to keep her composure while driving their chariot down Roswell Road, the mother and child arrived at a most wonderous place called…

The park.

There were (hot) slides! And (hot) jungle gyms! And (hot) swings!

After weighing his options, the child chose the swings after his mother doused one with magical water.

It was a bazillion degrees, so the mother took the child to the picnic tables.

The picnic table area also had another name: Sweet, Sweet Shade.

While at the Sweet, Sweet Shade, the child began playing with his favorite toy (Target dollar bin truck).

Then the sweaty child began playing with his adorable friend, Miss Maddie.

After much playing, sweating, and the eating of their feast (grapes, hot dogs and cheese) the two children began to seek a new game.

The new game was called: Let’s Sit In The One Mud Puddle Being Created In The Middle Of Sprinklers.

Some villagers called the game: Getting Really Wet And Muddy And Our Moms Didn’t Bring A Change Of Clothes.

But the children called the game: Really, Really Fun.

After spending the better part of the afternoon playing their new game, the children again visited Sweet, Sweet Shade. But this time, they decided to consume delightful beverages! (Water and juice).

After a long (hot!) day filled with muddly puddly games, the children dried off in the sun and departed with their mothers.

And they lived happily ever after.

(After the child’s 2.5 hour nap).

The End.

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4 Responses to Once Upon A Time…

  1. Robyn says:

    I love that you are the kind of mom who lets her kid do kid things –(read: mud!) and he looks so happy! Also, in that one picture it looks like Maddie has finished her water and is hoping Tom will share. Love this.

  2. Christy says:

    Would that be the “fake grass” park? We love that place!

    • loveandkate says:

      YES! That’s it! At one point, Tom fell on the fake grass and said, “Hot.” Next time you’re going there you should definitely let me know! We’d love to meet up with you!

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