The Mommy Paycheck.

Every now and then I see the stats on what a stay-at-home mother would make if she were paid a dollar amount.

Here’s a hint: It’s pretty good.

And of course a working mother would also get a boost in her salary if the things she did as a mother were given a monetary value.

But mothers aren’t paid a dollar amount.

They are paid in moments. Memories. Sweet little kisses and desperate hugs.

When Tom lays his curly haired head on my lap and just rests — that’s a paycheck.

When he discovers something new, that’s a paycheck.

When he laughs. Or smiles. Or when he just observes.

That’s a paycheck.

I get paid when he learns something new, when he enjoys his day, and when he looks me in the eye, sticks his finger in it and says, “Eye.”

I get paid when he points to his mouth and says “nose.”

I get paid when he walks.

When he waves to me.

When I get him up from a nap and he’s got a sweaty little head and he just snuggles and clings to me.

I get paid when he points to me and smiles. When he sees Kevin and yells “Daddy!” When he hears Huck barking and says “Dog, dog, dog.”

I get paid when he laughs so hard during hide-and-seek that he gets the hiccups.

I get paid when he’s taking his bath and I sing “Splish, splash Tom was taking a bath!” and he soaks me with his splashes.

I get paid when he identifies the cement mixing truck from a Tonka truck lineup.

I get paid when I am the person he reaches for when he is tired, sad, scared or hurt.

I get paid when he reaches up for me from his crib in the mornings.

I get paid when he laughs at something on TV and he looks at me to see if I’m laughing too.

My mommy paycheck is when Tom makes a friend on the playground, or shares a toy.

I get paid when he grabs a stuffed animal and hugs it before bringing it to me.

I get paid when I watch him with his grandparents.

I get paid when I see him with his dad.

My mommy paycheck isn’t just pretty good. It’s pretty great.

And I feel very lucky and fortunate that I get one.

My mommy paycheck includes baby eyelashes and pretty baby skin.

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5 Responses to The Mommy Paycheck.

  1. Pam Spencer says:

    Kate, that is such an amazing tribute to motherhood! You need to post this or repeat or whatever you do to re-run blogs every Mother’s Day! Love you.

  2. Lisa says:

    Oh how beautiful I got tears in my eyes ❤

  3. Jody Gelsthorpe says:

    Sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time! I’m so thankful to have you for my daughter-in-law and the mother of my grandson.

  4. Judy Malloy says:

    This is wonderful, Kate. It’s so great to know that Kevin found such a wonderful wife and Mother for his child. You are obviously an amazing girl who appreciates the gift she’s been given. Wish I were close enough to know you better; but it sure is fun reading your posts. Your “cup runneth over” with talent!

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